Certified Interpretive Guide Course (CIG)

6. november, 2017 - 10. november, 2017
Femund – Engerdal, Norway.

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You might be a practicing nature guide that wish to sharpen your skills? Or your’e in a public information function at a museum or cultural heritage site? You are already doing much right, but you wish to enhance your guide practice, learn new guiding techniques and meet new inspiring people. Then this intensive 5-day course will be right for you. Welcome to the course!

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Turn phenomena into experiences
  • Provoke resonance in participants
  • Offer paths to deeper meaning
  • Foster respect for all heritage

You will learn the skills linked to these qualities based on 20 benchmark standards. The course is accompanied by tried-and-tested work material and an illustrated 40-page manual (pdf).

To be certified, participants will:

  • Perform an interpretive talk.
  • Present a peer review exercise.
  • Answer a short written test.
  • Deliver a homework task.

The course is on Heritage Interpretation which is a form of storytelling. This approach is common in national parks and heritage sites in the US and UK, and is now spreading across Europe through Interpret Europe and other organizations. Heritage Interpretation is a structured approach to learning and storytelling. It`s useful for communicating significant ideas about a place to people, and is based on first-hand experiences. It simply helps people enjoy a satisfying experience.

More specifically, good interpretation helps visitors and locals to:

  • Develop their curiousity to discover more.
  • Understand why a place, a collection, an object or a past event is regarded as significant.
  • Enjoy the site more, gain a deeper understanding of meanings and enhance their own connection to a place.

Interpret Europe is offering this first course in Scandinavia with regional partners CNV (Centrum för Naturvägledning) in Sweden, Norske Parker and TVS (Trysilvassdragets skogeierlag) in Norway.

The course will be run by the following highly motivated and certified trainers

  • Thorsten Ludwig

    Thorsten Ludwig

    Thorsten is from Germany and believes interpretation can play an essential role in meeting key challenges we are facing in Europe. He has been the Managing Director of Interpret Europe since 2015 and is a driving force in its growth. He is an experienced trainer and interpreter. He hold an MSc in Interpretation Management and Practice from the University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) in the UK. From the National Association for Interpretation (NAI) in the US he is an Certified Interpretive Planner (CIP) and a Certified Interpretive Trainer (CIT).

  • Kristian Bjørnstad

    Kristian Bjørnstad

    Kristian is from Norway and is especially interested in how interpretation can connect people and place, as well as contributing to good visitor experiences. He has master`s degrees in rural development and pedagogy. He is a certified guide trainer (CIGT) by Interpret Europe and is the country coordinator for Norway. At a national level he develops regional parks in Norway (Norske Parker) and at local level he is involved in developing forest- and nature based experiences (TVS).

  • Per Sonnvik

    Per Sonnvik

    Per is from Sweden and believes nature interpretation can be an important tool in sustainable development. He works as a project manager at the Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation (CNV) at SLU in Uppsala. He has a masters degree in Rural Development and political science, and has taken the guide trainer course (CIGT) from Interpret Europe. He is also an experienced mountain and wildlife guide

Course language

Perhaps you already have some experience guiding international visitors? This course is mainly in English in order train ourselves to better meet the needs of international visitors. But also to meet international guide standards and potential international participants. The language is english for all the course materials, discussions, presentations and tests. However, some discussions and some presentations may be conducted in Norwegian/Swedish when appropriate.

The venue and accomodation

The course will take place in the small hamlet of Elgå, close to the mountain lake Femund and home to the southern Sami people. We will be moving much during our course, both outdoors near Femundsmarka National Park and indoors in nature centres and conference rooms. Our main base will be the Bryggeloftet hotel in Elgå in Engerdal municipality in eastern Norway, close to the Swedish border (Grövelsjön, Dalarna). Each person will be provided with a single room at Bryggeloftet hotel. For more information, look at: www.bryggeloftet.net   and www.femundengerdal.no


We will accomodate all disabilities in this course. In fact, interpreting and guiding for people with disabilities is a theme in our course. The area of Femund and the national parks are also designed with «universal access» as a strategy and is one of the best nature areas for people with disabilites in Norway.


Food will mainly be vegetarian. However, if you wish to add meat, you can specify this.

How to get here

There are public transportation (mainly bus) to Trysil and Engerdal (Drevsjø) on the Norwegian side and to Grövelsjön, Northern Dalarna on the Swedish side. We will arrange for pick-up and drop-off with a minibus (participants much pay) at the nearest points for public transportation. The nearest point for public transportation in Sweden is Grövelsjön. We have one participants who will drive from Gävle and will share car. We will coordinate travel among participants as much as possible.


All applicants need to be either individual members or professional members of Interpret Europe before the course begins. They do not need to know about heritage interpretation but should have guiding experience. We have limited space on this course. However, we will keep a waiting list and manage this actively in case we have available places. You will be notified via email when registered and when you can expect to secure a place on the course.  Apply through the electronic form below. FINAL DAY FOR APPLICATION IS 8TH OF OCTOBER.

Course fee

The course fee for this five day course is 9 715 NOK. This includes everything, except transportation to and from the venue. It includes course materials, accomodation, all meals, and entrance to field visit sites or events.  For those already members of Interpret Europe, we will reduce the course fee accordingly. For those not members, it will be included in the course fee .

Electronic application

Contact information

Kristian Bjørnstad
Phone: (47) 45489514
Email: kristian@trysilvassdraget.no

Per Sonnvik
Phone: (46) (0)18 672444
Email: per.sonnvik@slu.se